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07th May

I have recieved many inquiries about cheap and "Japanese style" accommodations.
In Bermuda, We announced that the dormitory in Wakayama could be prepared. However it was canceled, because the dormitory has been abolished. Arrangement of Japanese style B&B also difficult situation.

Matsushita Tourist will help you to find the accommodations.
If you want more information and question, please send e-mail address below.
e-mail :

We recieved inquiry about SARS.
Infection of SARS is not reported in Japan until today.
At present, we do not consider cancellation of the world championship.

08th April

Hi all 14ers!
I am pleased to announce that we have updated the WAKAYAMA worlds website.
Thank you very much for all the people concerned that helped updating work.
We want to do the PreEntry from this website. This is NOT FORMAL ENTRY FORM but we want to count the number of people who will come to WAKAYAMA. If you already decided the person who will come together, please enter their name.

The information which we announce to you this time is as follows.

Please send email to with any questions or comments about this site.
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