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It became the greeting of the spring time with doing not think that it having the greeting of the New Year. Even if he is capsized, everyone of 14 sailor is probably that the arrival of the sailing season which it isn't cold in was being waited for.

It is to allow to be here that time passes without striking the policy of domestic 14 diffusion pretty much Melbourn world preparation early thing the other day San Franciscan world just end in end in rest take as well time do.

It was suitable for the dinghy class of the high technology, and started the MailligList last year, and the joint ownership of the information was done in the society of us who are using the Internet. A new member saw a homepage, and they joined in Enoshima fleet. I am proud to do more eager activities than other classes in the sea, land, the Internet. On the other hand, it is said that a person is flowing abroad by the appearance of the excitement-like class through 14, 49er, and so on from the wind surfing to dinghy.

While the introduction of the ship of the new rule is planned, Japanese 14 becomes satisfactory all the more, and everyone is asked for the cooperation to become pleasant all the more, too.

On April 7, 1998
Chairman Ryo Nishima

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